Cerita Anak – Komodo Wants to Play Music

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Author: Felicia Gerda Nayoan Siregar 

Illustrator: Astrid Sevrina van Eenbergen

Narrator: Ilona Joline Surjoraharjo  

Music: Liston P. Siregar



 It is a peace and quietfull afternoon in the small village out of the forest, where Antar lives. He has just finished collecting fruits from the forest in the morning, had a sower, and is was making tea torelax. 

Antar doesn’t have any plan and all of his friends are busy with their ownthing: some are fishing in the river while other playing kite in the field. He is a bit tired from collecting fruit in the forest and just want to sit with his tea and listening to the music.


Antar opens the door and is surprised to see Pirok, a little orang-utan, with his friend Komodo.“Antar, this is my friend, Komodo. He wants to learn how to play music. Please could you help him?” “Yes” said Antar. “Let’s try.” They all walk to the music room behind the main house.

Antar took a bamboo flute and blow it.

Antar ask Komodo: “Can you blow this bamboo flute?” No. Komodo can’t blow the bamboo flute, his snout is too big.“Let’s see if you can play sasando?” 

Oh no, Komodo can’t play it either. His claws are too sharp! He can’t play the sasando because his claws are too sharp. Hmmm… Antar is not give up, “How about playing angklung?” 

Komodo stands up, and starts to play the angklung. He likes the sound of this beautiful bamboo instrument. But, Oh no once he is about to really enjoy the angklung, Komodo can’t stand for very long. His body is too heavy to stand on his back feet. He falls on his back. Komodo can’t play angklung.

Komodo is very sad and he starts to cry. He feels he won’t be able to play any music at all. His snout is too big. His claws are too sharp. His body is too heavy. Poor Komodo.

Komodo’s tail had accidentally hit a gong. 

Antar was surprised and shouted happily: “Komodo. Listen you played the gong! You CAN play music!”“You can play gamelan with us!” Pirok plays gender

Antar plays gendang

And Komodo plays the gong.

Komodo is very happy that he can play music now. Komodo invites Antar and Pirok to perform gamelan at Komodo Island where he lives. All the other komodos really enjoy the gamelan concert.

It was a very lovely time for Komodo and all his friends, knowing they can also play music nicely like Pirok and Antar. At the end of the concert, Komodo and all his friend want Pirok and Antar to stay longer but they couldn’t and must go home before it is very dark to cross the sea. “Thank you for the music”

The end


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