Cerita Anak – Pirok Goes to the City

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Pirok  Goes to the City

Author: Felicia Nayoan Siregar 

Illustrator: Astrid Sevrina Van Eenbergen.

Narrator: Ilona Joline Surjoraharjo


In one corner of the world, lies a tropical rain forest, where the water pouring down from the sky endlessly for the whole day or night. And the next day the sun would brightly shines for 12 hours non-stop. 

With enough rains and sunshine, all of the plans growth healthily with some kind of tree could be as high as around 80 metres or 260 feet. And there are thousands of plans around the forest which make all animals are happy. In the rain forest Kalimantan island, in Indonesia, we can find hundreds type of birds, tiger, rhino, elephant, snakes, bats, monkey, and orang utan.

One beautiful morning, Pirok, a little orang-utan was playing happily in the forest. Pirok loves swinging from tree to tree and is always curious. From one of the tree he look around, and none of his friend is around so he keeps jumping happily from one branch to other branches. But suddenly he hear something.

Pirok run to the forest entrance and saw Antar, a little boy from the small village outside the forest. Antar likes to come to the forest, to collect fruits to take home. In the forest there lots of durian, mango, and banana. “Yum, my favourite fruit!,”said Antar, collecting one fruit one by one and put on the basket at his back shoulder.

Tired from picking fruit, Antar sit in back in one of the tree and fell asleep. Pirok who follow Antar secretly came down the tree, curious to know what was in the basket.Pirok found the mangoes, bananas, and durians. And he feel a bit peckish after playing from one tree to another and following Antar from the top of trees. He ate the fruit all up. He then was so full that he fell fast asleep inside the basket. Soon Antar woke up. He walked home with his basket. But… was it fruit in his basket?

In the middle of the journey Pirok woke up and from inside the basket he is surprised to see many things that he hadn’t seen before. He saw many people wearing beautiful clothes.

He saw rows of buildings. Big and small and TALL. He saw vehicles with two, three and four wheels and one that could fly!

“Look at all the different foods! I wonder what they taste like?” Pirok thought.When he arrived home, it was Antar’s turn to be very surprised to find an orang-utan in his basket! No more the durian, manggo, or banana, but a little orang utan

Now Pirok was sorry he had eaten the fruit in the basket. He also felt sad because he was far from home. But Antar feeling sorry for the orang-utang and took Pirok back to the forest. 

When they arrive back in the forest, Pirok was very happy. The little orang utang is back at home and he gave Antar a big big hug.


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