Glass Shoes

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Short story by Putu Felisia
Narrator Ilona Joline Surjorahardjo
Ilustrasi Musik Ketto  

It was believed, beautiful girl with the most wonderful glass shoes would be married by the prince. Every girl in the entire kingdom took care of their beauty. They afraid of sunlight, because it could make their skin tanned. They also tied their feet, because they believed, the prince would choose the girl with the tiniest feet.

There was a girl, who lived in tailor village. Her name was Della. She loved to go around the forest, looking for ingredient to make some colors. Her job was giving colors to the clothes.

Do you think Della was pretty? No, she was not as pretty as another girl. Her skin pretty darker, because her activity in the forest. She also had not tiny feet. Therefore, Della did not bought glass shoes. She also made a simple dress to attend the royal ball.

Della parents did not happy because of this. But they could not force Della to buy a pair of glass shoes.

“Mother, the glass shoes is very expensive,” said Della, “I think, it will be better if I saved the money. So I have enough money to study coloring in the Royal University.”

So Della went to the ball with a pink primrose dress. The prince interested with Della. The girl looked very different among many glamorous girls. Specially, Della thought was similar with the prince.

The prince held Della’s hand. He asked her to be his bride. But Della just shooked her head, “I am so sorry, Your Highness,” she said, “For me, the most important thing is to reach my dreams. And I think I am too young to get married.”

The prince surprised. But he admired Della’s answer. So that he decided to wait Della.